WAC2013 comes to a successful completion

Final Results! Congratulations to all the teams and pilots who finished with medals. Another championship ended crowning:
the new World Aerobatic Champion – Francois Le Vot of France
Women’s Champion – Aude Lemordant of France
4 minute Freestyle Champion – Rob Holland of USA
Men’s Team Champions – France
and Women’s Team Champions – France

Visit the Results Page: http://www.civa-results.com/2013/WAC_2013/indexpage.htm

Francois Le Vot
2013 Overall
World Aerobatic Champion

Francois Le Vot – France



Aude Lemordant
2013 Women’s Aerobatic Champion

Aude Lemordant – France


Rob Holland



4 minute freestyle Champion

Rob Holland – United States

Lines & Angles – Now It Is Really Moving!

First of all, my apologies for delay in writing another Lines & Angles.  I enjoy doing it but it seems Jury duty here has been very time consuming and hectic – sort of like flying.  Hours of boredom sometimes followed my moments of intense activity.

2013-10-16 13.08.16

Weather was good for flying — but it was a cold morning on Wednesday, October 16th. Chief Judge John Gaillard (left) does his best to stay warm.

After days of delay due to rain, cloud cover, and wind, we finally finished the last Known flight last night.  Results were posted right away at www.civa-results.com and at 8:00 am this morning, the protest period had expired and results were declared official – and duly signed by the Jury President, LG Arvidsson, and the Chief Judge, John Gaillard.

But we would not have completed it without the agreement of team managers and representatives.  Yesterday morning, a meeting of the International Jury members and team representatives was convened in the terminal building at KGYI.  The Jury President presented a proposal to increase the wind limits for Programme 1, the Known.  We had sufficient ceiling to continue the contest but the wind was out of limits yesterday morning.  After a good discussion, the teams voted and 9 of the 16 were in favor of increasing the limit to 14 meters/second.  Flying then began and continued until just after 5:00 pm last night.

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Video clips from day 4 and 5

While we were waiting out the rain we kept ourselves entertained. This video includes some footage from the trip to the rodeo. We are very thankful to the rodeo team from Southeastern Oklahoma State University! They put on a fantastic display for us showing the events in which they compete during their collegiate rodeo season.
The video also contains footage from the wine & cheese party that the USA team hosted. The highlight of the evening was the airplane building and then commenced a competition to see how far the homebuilts would fly. Great fun!

Days 4 and 5 from Jim Connors on Vimeo.

Lines & Angles – We Begin

At 2:32 pm on Thursday, October 10th, our first pilot took off for his Known programme and WAC 2013 was off and running.  Finally.

Unexpected delays were encountered in the morning due to a surprise wind observation made right after briefing.  The wind was almost down the main axis but at a speed of just over 16 meters per second – well over limit.  Though the Judges were in position by that time and ready to go, the flying had to be called off.  They were at the east judging position here at KGYI.  Despite the wind, however, to get something going, warm-up pilot Joe Brinker took off and flew the low lines for the Judges and a sequence as well.  It was nice to see someone in the air, though an actual contest aircraft was not going to be seen until the afternoon.

Because it looked like the wind might be out of limits for a while, this generated quite a bit of discussion amongst the Jury, the Contest Director, and team managers.  There are provisions for waiving rules and relaxing wind limits in the rules.  For wind limits, it requires Jury agreement and a majority of team managers.  It is not always easy to reach such an agreement – but I suspect if wind problems persist, we will return to the subject.  That said, as a Jury member, I cannot comment further on that but flexibility is built into the rules because of our long history of problems with weather at many Championships through the years.  I will keep you posted.  Everyone, of course, wants to fly and the Judges want to judge.

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